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About Us

Our Promise

Our team spends over 100 hours a week researching products, reading genuine customer reviews, taking products home, trying them out with our families, and writing up our findings. We are consumers, first and foremost, financially savvy and seeking real value for us and you. We wouldn’t recommend a product we wouldn’t buy ourselves. 

Unlike a lot of the other popular review sites, we are not owned by a large corporation. What motivates us is to help find the people who visit our website the best product for them.

How We Pick Products

In a single word, research. We don’t use web applications or software to tell us what products to review. We read, then we talk about the products as a team before diving into study mode.

How We Test

The amount of time and effort that goes into testing and researching products varies. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. If we are testing online courses, we might try them ourselves or speak to someone who has. For some products, we won’t have the right tester in our team, for instance, testosterone boosters or dining tables. They might just not be practical for us to test at home with our families. In which cause, we’ll be reading, verifying and comparing whatever information we can find.

Expert Advice

For some products we need expert advice, guidance to know what to look for and what to expect. We ask industry experts and super users. In our opinion, they are invaluable in our review process. 

We seek expert advice from our in-house doctors on health care products. We have PhDs we turn to for psychology, education advice and more. We consult with subject matter experts, nutritionists, furniture merchandisers and furniture specialists.

Customer Feedback

The key to our successful reviews is you. We consider the opinions of verified buyers you have spent their time using the products. When in study mode, we compare reviews in detail. We look for repeated mentions of defects, weaknesses, satisfaction of long term owners and product strengths. We understand that you are buying these products for the long haul. That’s why we take long term users’ experiences so seriously.