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Please read this document carefully; we think it is important.

When you click on a link on our website, you may get taken to a Third Party Website which might be a retailer. We may earn affiliate commissions from those websites. What does that mean? If you make a purchase on that Third Party Website within a certain period, we may earn a commission. We receive this commission from the retailer. The commission is not received from you, the buyer. The price you pay is the same whether you click on an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link.

Why do we have affiliate links? By using these links, we are able to support the website. We don’t have sponsored posts. A product seller can’t contact us requesting for a product to be featured. We are extremely careful about the products we list on this website. Providing balanced reviews is key to the long-term success of our website. We are here to create value and aid readers.

The nature of our affiliate program does change. If you would like to know more about the nature of these relationships. Send us a message by using one of the options on our contact page.

When you’re clicking through our site to a retailer, we may earn affiliate commissions.

Our articles and reviews are written by an independent group of writers and reviewers. 

We have instituted a strict and comprehensive selection process when hiring each and every independent reviewer and writer which includes a time-bound written test and interviews.

While we do select the courses and other such material that are reviewed,  compared, and evaluated on our website, our independent team of writers and reviewers provide their own interpretations based on their expert knowledge on the particular subject.

When evaluating, ranking, and recommending courses, our writers and reviewers would not necessarily have followed such courses that are being reviewed, compared, evaluated, and ranked. The writers and reviewers do rely on publicly available information related to the specific subject matter that is being so reviewed, evaluated, compared, and ranked.     

We have a strict editorial process to eliminate any bias from our articles and reviews written by our writers and reviewers.

The writer’s and reviewers’ recommendations are based on a strict marking scheme specially designed for the particular subject area.